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Happy Christmas!

Ok...so this is super early...and we open our gifts on Christmas Eve, but I think this photo sums up how my Christmas is going so far...


Happy Christmas everyone! Hope it treats you well...hoping to relax and enjoy the snow tomorrow! For now, off to watch a movie!

Stink Pretty Soap Update!

I still have Soap orders that need to be picked up! If you have an order to pick up give me a buzz asap so I can get these orders to you. I could use the cash for rent. I should be available later tonight and tomorrow so let me know! Happy New Year!

fuck this...

ya' know what, I'm officially going into some social hiding.

I think I need to at this point.

I make it very clear, I don't play anykind of social politics as it usually winds up in alot of hurt (believe me, I used to play them...and I did it well, I wound up very betrayed and with more drama in my life then I needed). It also leads to drama. There is a large split amoungst friends happening it seems, and I'm not going to play at it. or take sides.
But until things are a little more settled, I may not be seen outside of the lj-verse for awhile. I've got enough shit to worry about right now, such as my root canal and xmas.

I'll do a bigger post about my views on social politics (it's been 2 days in writing), but for now...I'll see everyone eventually.

band geek vs video game geek

ok, was going to do a longer post, but I got distracted by this (and food...can only stomach chicken noodle soup, but damn it sounds good!)

I don't know which part of me geeked out more, my band geek side or my video game geek side. Man, I wish we'd done that in highschool! colorgaurd would've rocked dressed as video game characters!

burlesque stuff...

I'm hoping to get my ass on stage and performing by the new year.

So, here's the deal...aside from hitting up thrift stores when my stomach isn't so virus-y...I may actually need to make one of my costumes (new bit I thought up, that I gotta' work on coreographing with another scottish dancer...), any scottish dancers out there...think modernized scottish national costume (I'll start off with the original...but, yeah...ask me about the rest). I'm still not totally happy with my sewing capabilities and think this would be an opportune time to start learning.

So any of my friends who know a thing or 2 about sewing wanna' help me out? I don't have alot of money, but um...I can order a mean pizza (I just can't eat it apparently).

In other news, virus is a lil better....I just got a lil feverish about a half hour ago. but I can eat a little more then I could yesterday.
So Thanksgiving weekend of 2007 can officially suck my hypothetical dick and go to fucking hell!

After a rather beligerant customer, no really, she nearly cold cocked me until I warned her against it and getting a lecture about it after the dumb bitch called my boss...I'm officially pissed, stressed and ready to sleep for about a day.


still stressed as fuck about my goddamn tooth...more later, I need ice cream and bed...

Last minute...

Hey everyone,

If you don't have anywhere to be Thanksgiving, swing by my place! We're having an orphan dinner, bring your favorite dish (if you can), it'd be great to see people.

I'll be making a Scottish desert loaded with..well, Scotch.

Right now, I'm uber Thankful for a certain boy who just said I remind him of Shirley Manson! :D

the good...the bad...

So, I went to the dentist today...

The Good: It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I have an icky history w/dentists being too rough on my sensitive teeth and speaking to me in a very condescending tone. not today, they took xrays, didn't poke too much at the tooth because they didn't want to hurt it! woot.

The Bad: I either have to get a root canal (which will be a little more work then a usual one due to how the tooth broke) or possibly yank the tooth and get an implant. It's my call apparently...so far the root canal is what I'm thinking, want a consult on the other option, just so I know.

The good: I told them my finantial situation and they're totally willing to work on a payment plan with me.

The bad: I need to have $350 down to get the procedure done (since I'm not insured and all). Much as I am scared shitless at either prospect and it's gonna' hurt (be worse if I don't get it done however...), it needs to get done.

all in all, not a terrible visit...

At least I've still got my personality...

So, I'm eating some pizza tonite when I feel a hard lil chunk of something after I took a bite, hoping it's burnt crust but knowing it's not..

I chipped off half of my fucking tooth...fuck. And guess what? no insurance...fuck...

it sucks, it's noticable when I smile...so, yay insecurity...

I guess I'm going to see my mom's dentist on Monday (I have to work all weekend and desperatly need the money) to see if I can't work something out.

yay root canals and/or crowns...fun times...really...