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burlesque stuff...

I'm hoping to get my ass on stage and performing by the new year.

So, here's the deal...aside from hitting up thrift stores when my stomach isn't so virus-y...I may actually need to make one of my costumes (new bit I thought up, that I gotta' work on coreographing with another scottish dancer...), any scottish dancers out there...think modernized scottish national costume (I'll start off with the original...but, yeah...ask me about the rest). I'm still not totally happy with my sewing capabilities and think this would be an opportune time to start learning.

So any of my friends who know a thing or 2 about sewing wanna' help me out? I don't have alot of money, but um...I can order a mean pizza (I just can't eat it apparently).

In other news, virus is a lil better....I just got a lil feverish about a half hour ago. but I can eat a little more then I could yesterday.
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