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fuck this...

ya' know what, I'm officially going into some social hiding.

I think I need to at this point.

I make it very clear, I don't play anykind of social politics as it usually winds up in alot of hurt (believe me, I used to play them...and I did it well, I wound up very betrayed and with more drama in my life then I needed). It also leads to drama. There is a large split amoungst friends happening it seems, and I'm not going to play at it. or take sides.
But until things are a little more settled, I may not be seen outside of the lj-verse for awhile. I've got enough shit to worry about right now, such as my root canal and xmas.

I'll do a bigger post about my views on social politics (it's been 2 days in writing), but for now...I'll see everyone eventually.
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