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Helter Skelter

You may be a lover, but you ain't no dancer

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1 March 1981
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A little about me...35, Scottish, geeky, opinionated, tattooed and awesome ;)

I've been through a lot in life, but also have a pretty good life in New Zealand. (I moved here 5 years ago from Minnesota)

What others may say (oh shit...)

you are incredibly smart in a very realistic way that many people lack. You're a rare combination of smarts... witty AND intelligent AND 'street smart'. You've seen life with open eyes, and known a harsh reality. But you don't shy away from dreaming, and I think you're begining to see that some of those dreams can be a reality, and that takes a lot of trust, in yourself and others.~mamajenzie

afterglow81 ROCKS! -She's a painter, a photographer, a Festie, a hot brunette, and a great friend. I'm glad that I met her. She's fun, but she doesn't take crap from anyone. And dude! -Grilled Cheese insult....Hilarious!

I've known afterglow81 for a long time. afterglow81 was voted "most likely to spontaneously burst into musical number" in her senior class. afterglow81 is talented in many aspects of life, especially the arts. She is an inspiration and my best friend.

Joke about small breasts
Backfires upon my manhood
Ego takes a crushing blow

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